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    Is there a prog that will restore my earpiece volume and my speakerphone volume to max after a soft reset? That has got to be the most annoying thing. Honestly I wouldn't mind reseting my device at all if once it came back up everything was the way it was before the reset. It only takes a couple seconds. thanks
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    VolumeCare download at works well for me.
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    seemed to have worked. NICE. How long is it free for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by juice
    seemed to have worked. NICE. How long is it free for?
    The trial period for VolumeCare is 15 days. I'm currently testing this myself and it works well with one exception. I've had to disable the LED notification in the program's options. After a period of non-phone use, my LED freezes on and if left in this state will eventually cause my Treo to reset. When the light is frozen on, I can only restore the blinking LED by performing a soft reset.

    As long as I leave this option off, the program works very well. The Developer, Jeff Gibson, is currently looking into the LED problem.

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