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    I am assuming that the answer to this is no. Does anybody out there know of a plug-in for iTunes (either MacOS or Win32) that allows iTunes to interact with a standard MSC-compliant MP3 Player (like the Treo with PTunes)? What I am hoping for is a Drag-and-drop interface for iTunes, similar to the way that iTunes works with the iPod Shuffle. I know that iTunes works with some other MSC-compatible players, like the Rio Forge. I was kind of hopping that there might exist a generic MSC driver (or maybe some hack) that might allow this to work.
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    Apple has shown no interest in licensing the iTunes DRM scheme for use by anyone else. And every inclination to sue anyone who tries to reverse engineer it.

    iTunes is a closed, proprietary environment. That's why I won't use it.
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    I don't need DRM, I just like to use iTunes to organize my MP3s. (There are ways around Apple's DRM anyways;-) All I am looking for is something to allow me to transfer my MP3s easily from iTunes to my SD card.

    As for iTunes being a closed, proprietary system, what is your alternative? Real Audio? Windows Media Player? Napster? The landscape is littered with proprietary, closed systems. Despite various people's marketing machines, they are all closed, proprietary systems.
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    I used to use winamp...very uncluttered and crisp interface, but iTunes sounds better, and it organizes music so much better/easier than anything else that I've used (Windows/Mac).

    I just use a SD card reader (at home) and Softick's Card Export II (at work) and drag/drop the mp3s around.
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    Yeah, iTunes does an excellent job of organizing, even at the system level. Plus, you can even view a song's video right within iTunes while listening to it now. Heck, you can even purchase videos (WITHOUT DRM) from the iTMS. AND, on both the Mac & PC, it will even sync your contacts, calendars and to-do stuff with an iPod and any upcoming phones using Apples iTunes software (this is new as of yesterday) there's a trojan horse if I ever saw one.

    Here is a list of some iTunes compatible players:

    Nomad II
    Nomad II MG
    Nomad II c
    Nomad Jukebox
    Nomad Jukebox 20GB
    Nomad Jukebox C
    Rio One
    Rio 500
    Rio 600
    Rio 800
    Rio 900
    Rio S10
    Rio S11
    Rio S30S
    Rio S35S
    Rio S50
    Rio Chiba
    Rio Fuse
    Rio Cali
    Novad MuVo
    psa]play 60
    psa]play 120
    SoundSpace 2
    RioVolt SP250
    RioVolt SP100
    RioVolt SP90

    As far as finding drag-and-drop compatible software, try starting with, or They will often post about little shareware and freeware software titles that do the kind of thing you are looking for. Most of them will probably be for Windows as that is far and away the biggest iPod user market.

    Formats? Well, you can import Microsoft's Windows Media Player format, you can use the MP3 format of Napster fame, AACs of course, and also the lossless formats of Apple Lossless and AIFF (coming directly from a CD without any compression). Even Ogg Vorbis by adding the plug-in at
    There's more but you get the point.
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    Give me .flac and .ape and I'll be happy.

    As it is, I'm using MacAmpLite for flac, and can't find anything for ape.

    (this is for Apple...I can play either format in WinAmp) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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