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    I asked this in the Treo Utilities forum without success, so I thought I'd try here, since it's something that could be applied to other PalmOS devices also.

    I'm experiencing intermittent problems which seem to point to problems with Saved Preferences on my Treo650. I decided to do some digging, and I think I've confirmed my suspicions.

    I found that there are several entries in Saved Preferences which cause the device to reset whenever I try to export them to a memo using FileZ (v6.6). The odd thing is that I can happily back them up and restore them using Cleanup (v3.37b), and I can even view them from FileZ; it's only the Export function that causes the reset, but it's consistent - the same prefs will blow me out of the water very time I try to export them.

    I guess I'm just going to have to delete them and either recreate them manually from the application, or try to retrieve them from an earlier (good) version of Saved Prefs. But this leads me to wonder if there is any sort of utility out there that can perform some routine health-checking on Saved Preferences, so that this sort of problem can be detected at an early stage before it becomes a major headache.

    Any suggestions for alternative recovery procedures or utilities gratefully accepted.
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    That utility (if any) would be nice .. sort of like Registry checker in the world of MS Windows ...
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