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    Your feedback is appreciated.
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    I use MegaClock. It has a raft of features including alarms, timers, stopwatch, moon phases, World Time Zones. . .. . . . . .

    You can set up to 20 different recurring alarms with different day/time sequences and with different sounds for the alarm.

    Free trial download. (No, I do not get a commission.)
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    Is you are looking for a Free one, I recommend WatchMaker

    It allows 6 seperate alarms, that you can re-name and have each play 1-7 days a week.

    Meaning you can:

    label alarm 1 "Wake up" and have it play Monday to Friday at 8am
    label alarm 2 "Go Home" and have it play Monday to Friday at 5pm
    label alarm 3 "Wakey wakey" and have it play Saturday and Sunday at 10am
    label alarm 4 "Pick up Sally at gym" and have it play Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:15pm
    label alarm 5 "Party Time" and have it play Friday at 9pm
    label alarm 6 "Weekly Conf. Call" and have it play Wednesday 2:30pm

    I highly recommend it (and you can't beat that price )
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    I use Bob's Alarm and am very happy with it. It seems to have a fairly large following here.
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