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    Sometimes my phone doesn't lock itself like it should.
    I have the security set to lock after 2 minutes of inactivity but every now and then it fails to lock itself.

    Anyone have any feedback on whether or not they have this problem?

    How you solved it or am I doing something wrong?

    Or should I just think of it as a computer where it needs to be rebooted every now and then?
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    The answer is to try one of the security programs lurking around and go from there. I ended up with TealLock and mSafe in combination. Ben
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    Thanks Ben. Finally an answer I can go on.
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    Ben, I am really impressed with the info of msafe. Thanks again!!
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    It's a heck of a program. I have purchased three different security programs and the one I recommend the most is TealLock. I have purchased two different "delete when lost" type utilities and mSafe is the one I use. Did I waste money on the others? Nope, not at all.


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