I'm going insane! I'm trying to enable DUN and get my TREO to work with my PB on the Cingular network. I've downloaded the hack and can turn on the dial-up option. To avoid error messages...I had to disconnect from cingulars network and turn off snapper and versichat.

So....now I have everything internet related off, cingular network is on, and dial-up on in bluetooth on the TREO. I can't sync with my Powerbook!! It hangs forever when I select mobile and if I choose "other device" network connection is blacked out.

I've searched all over for a way to pair the treo with the powerbook and cant find the answer! It just hangs forever.

If anyone has a solution, please let me know. After I sync...I'm sure I'll have hours of fun getting the internet to work...but first I need to pair.

Thanks so much,