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    When I shake my Treo 650 side to side or front to back, it makes a light rattling noise as if some small screw is loose inside of it. I tried removing the stylus and SD card and it's still making the noise from inside the unit.

    Not sure if this is something that's normal or if I should get it checked out. This phone is brand new.

    Can you guys check to see if it's happening to your units?
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    I get this on mine as well... and it seems to be the ringer off switch. Hold the switch and shake to see if you still get the rattle. I think this is harmless.
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    I guess this is another fine example of Made in Taiwan quality. Turns out it's the mute switch up on the top of the phone.

    Not only do the keyboards differ in click action (five-way, "p" key, "w" key, etc), but the top switch also differs in how loose or tight it is. Many of the units also feature a slightly off kilter LCD screen (body of screen edge doesn't line up perfectly parallel to the LCD screen edge. I've personally checked out 7 brand new units and they all vary in one way or another.

    Great job, Palm. To think I spent $650 on this. Truly settling for the best thing available in the market today which isn't saying much.

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    You're right on mhzimmer. Beat me to it.

    By the way, mhzimmer, when you turn off your display by pressing the call end button for example, does your LCD screen flash bright white before actually switching off?

    Not sure if this is abnormal or what cuz I can't remember if the unit I exchanged this one for did the same thing.
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    mine does the same thing and you are correct, holding down on the ringer on/off button and slightly shaking it, the rattle goes away. Has anyone taken a unit apart to see if it can be fixed?

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