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    Ok here goes, I have some scratches on my 650 and have searched and searched everywhere with no results on a replacement case. Until now...

    I have found a website..... here

    and i am wanting some feedback on if this will work..

    How easy do u think replacing the case would be?
    Will I need any certain tools to do it?
    Can i take apart my phone without breaking it?
    Would this be a good alternative (meaning buying the dummy phone)

    p.s. i have the cingular version...but i really dont mind sporting a sprint

    Any input?
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    I'm sure taking it apart will void your warranty.
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    You also might want to contact the seller to make sure you can reuse the housing. Some demo phones you cannot.
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    Maybe this will be a start of an after market product. We can all have different color prints on our Treo 650 case. Imagine mine to be completly metalic blue ... Naw ... I'll only imagine my Treo not resetting itself more than once a day.
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    hrmm....well, just looking at the doesn't seem that it would be that hard to replace the housing, remove the screws etc..ill have to check on it
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    Aftering looking around I ordered a skin from I will update with my results.
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    It is very easy to remove and replace the housings on both the Treo 600 and 650. All that is needed is for someone to make a housing that is of high enough quality to make it worthwhile.
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    Any luck finding the replacement housing for your Treo 650? I found one on Ebay, but it's Sprint branded. If you or anyone else knows where I can also get my hands on a new 650 housing that is either non-branded or Verizon branded, you'll have a friend for life!

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