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    I have tried out Chatter on my unlocked GSM Treo 650 and it seems like a grest program, but when it is running I get frequent resets and sometimes it locks up (won't wake up).

    Any idea if this is fixable?
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    I use Chatter almost exclusively on my GSM Treo 650, and I haven't had a random reset in two weeks. So I wonder 1) what version of Chatter you're using, 2) whether you're using SSL and with what options, and 3) whether you have "Enable Local Network Time" set?


    p.s. When you say "locks up", do you mean "takes a longer keypress to turn on" or do you mean "can't be woken up short of resetting".
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    Let's see:

    It's version 1.0.5b33.

    I am using SSL for my IMAP server.

    I do not have "Enable local network time" set.

    And, by "locks up" I mean will not wake up except via a manual reset. (In fact, I noticed that the clock does not even keep time during this lock up period.)
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    mm42 - You should really get a stable release; you're using a beta version that I can't really support. Can you get and report back?

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    Ah - I didn't realize the "b" was for beta!

    I have installed Trial and will report back results. Thanks.
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    Let me know. If you like, send me email at


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