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    Been with Verizon for years; new to Cingular and GSM. New Treo 650. Part of the decision to switch was planned trip to France and Italy this fall. Read many threads about ability to buy lower cost smart chips in-country; about two bits a minute. I know my phone number will be different, but that doesn't matter for email. So, will I be able to do Snappermail via the Treo for the same quarter a minute? Extra data charges? Any user experience would be greatly appreciated.

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    You will be able to use snappermail to receive email without any changes (assuming the prepaid SIM offers GPRS/EDGE). Depending on your email provider, you may have to adjust the SMTP server. To prevent spam, some email providers do not let you send email using their SMTP servers from outside their network. Most prepaid SIM providers that offer GPRS also have their own SMTP servers to send email. Run a google search to find the SMTP server address for whatever pre-paid SIM you plan to use.
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    I was just about to ask a similar question.
    Are there any overseas companies that offer an internet connection with a prepaid SIM?
    Particularly, London and Amsterdam? I looked up some info on, but no mention of data services.
    Cingular 680
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    see for a great thread on pre-paid GSM providers & the services they offer.
    also see for a country-by-country listing of GSM providers with coverage maps & links to their websites.

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