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    I ordered from today, however none of the download buttons worked. I even tried to use the link they sent me on my confirmation e-mail, but it wouldn't work. This is what pops up after I push the download button:

    If you need to download the file - please just download again from the main Treo Butler page.

    Blurb From Palmgear:
    In case you have not already downloaded the software in which to enter the code there is a link on this page to download from. The text here will also be emailed, if you are reading this from the email instance you may download from your order review area within your My PalmGear account at

    The code assigned to you is:
    For questions specific to the order or fulfillment of it please email

    Thank you for Registering, I hope you enjoy Treo Butler
    if you have any problems, please mail
    enjoy, -
    Any ideas?
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    It doesn't matter where you download it from...the serial is what is important...are you saying you didn't get a serial number?
    Why don't you just get it from Hobbyist if palmgear isn't working?? If Hobbyist doesn't work, then there's something wrong with your browser.
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    Download it from here.
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    What is the most current (full) version of Butler?
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    2.86 is the most recent. There is a beta available but it was indeed buggy on my device:

    Hobbyist Software Update List:

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