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    I just bought a new 1 GB SD card to replace my 512 MB card. I want to make sure that everything on my current card (RepliGo documents, DocsToGo documents, PowerRUN apps, etc.) are moved over.

    Is there a special utility out there to copy the contents of one SD card to another SD card? Or can I just use my Windows machine to do the copy?

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    Windows works just fine. just make a folder and copy the SD card contents into the folder and then copy the contents of that folder to the new SD card. I did format my new card in the Treo first. I don't think that was necessary though.
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    I had the same type of question. Once I create a folder, how do I get the files from the SD card into the folder? I don't have a SD Card reader in my computer. Is there a utility to transfer the files directly from the SD card to the computer?

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    Search for "Card Export"

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