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    Used Versamail for the first few days of Treo 650 (CNG) ownership, then tried Snappermail at everyone's suggestion. Only remaining problem is setting the download size. Too small, messages get truncated; too big and one gets a portion of an attachment. Versamail has a body-only setting which seems to work fine. The friendly lady at Snappermail told me they don't do that (anymore) because they would have to disconnect when the body is done and attachment about to start, then quickly reconnect, and some servers kick them off for 15 minutes. Well, Versamail seems to do it. I get a lot of attachments and don't want them in my Treo. Any suggestions for a third package that takes care of this? I experienced the "instability" of Versamail; warm boots when launching, so I agree it's a broken application.

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    Limit the size of the download to 10k or something like that. Just a thought.
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    I'm pretty sure Chatter only loads the body automatically - attachments must be selected manually.
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