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    I have been able to get my gmail to work w/ my SprintPCS Treo 650 and I am ready to start using it but I am wondering if there are some things that I should consider because I would like to have everything stored on the main server and organized w/ folders/tabs.

    Since Gmail only offers POP3 I will only be downloading the new messages into my inbox and folders will not synch. I think you can do that w/ IMAP email. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

    So how are you efficiently organizing/using your mail with VersaMail and Gmail?

    Your input is greatly appreciated!

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    I leave email that needs to go in a folder on the server and move it from my PC at night. I don't need to save that much.
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    Under "Server" preferences, check "Leave mail on server after downloading...".

    I only use POP w/Gmail on my Treo. On my PC I use the web interface and simply "label" and "archive" the mails I choose to keep. Trash the others from the web interface.

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