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    I went to the local Radio Shack to get something to go from the size of the audio jack to the size of a headphone jack. Now... here in Canada, Radio Shacks are all in the process of becoming Circuit City's (all the "intertan" stores anyways) ... so they didn't have the part.

    But according to a store lackey, I'm lucky on that ... because the basic part won't work.

    Now palm one is selling one "soon" for $10. The lackey mentioned some software.

    What gives?
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    Yeah... same thing. OK. $6. Fine. I believe the palm one item was $10 CDN. Same difference. My question is more of a "I want to learn" nature ... as I'd like to know what is the difference between that and the plain unit (which would have been $2 in Radio Shack ... although according to the guy there --- also wouldn't work).

    What alchemy does that thing do?
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    (make that $6 plus $26 shipping ... sigh)
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    I have the adapter from Radio Shack and it works fine.
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    Take a look at these threads:

    Apparently, it depends on what you're plugging into the adapter and the amount of resistence on the circuit. The Palm adapter must have some kind of capacitor (or whatever) built into it to make it work. Probably why it's a bit bigger too.

    I usually use the Seido adapter, which has the benefit of including a switch and internal microphone.

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