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    I have a lot of garbage on my Treo 650 that I can't get rid of, it is taking up space, and potentially causing problems (largely caused by Rogers MyMail, and Rogers GetMail ). So I want to do a hard reset and reinstall everything on my Treo one by one.

    So, here is the plan:

    -Delete/Move/Rename/Empty my backup folder (they will all have the same result). Since the 4 things I am worried about losing (Address, Datebook, MemoPad, NotePad, ToDo) have their own folders, seperate from the backup folder, there is Zero chance of losing these, right?

    -Hard Reset my Treo.

    Edit:Forgot to add, Since I have most apps installed on card not Treo, I will also be deleting the entire contents of my SD.

    -Sync to restore my Address, Datebook, MemoPad, NotePad, & ToDo.

    -Re-install all my apps one by one as needed.

    Will, that work and ensure I don't get any garbage back on my Treo? Is there anything else I should do? Or be aware of?

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    That sounds about right. You might want to rename the backup folder where your contacts, calendar, etc resides. Then sync the phone so you have a fresh clean sync (this will create a new backup folder). Then sync contacts, calendar, etc from the renamed backup folder and then install the apps individually.

    Another way of doing it is to use a backup program (make sure you copy it also to the card so you can recopy back to RAM after hard reset) like backupman or backupbuddy. Perform a backup then do a hard reset. Copy the backup program back to RAM from the SD card. After, restore contacts, calendar, etc back to your phone using the individual restore from the program. Then reinstall the rest of the programs.
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    dont forget to pre-install uninstall - wonderful app, will keep your treo clean.

    there's also clean-up by the same software house, but you need some skills to manage clean-up ...

    good luck!
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    Well I did it, and it worked

    So, I have re-installed all of my apps (well over 100) and Check this out:

    Here is my available memory before...

    And here it is after...

    I knew I had a lot of crap on there from the apps I install/uninstall almost daily, but I had no idea it was that much.
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