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    Trying the Snappermail demo. Seems to work OK, but I put in my regular email address for the optional 'reply to' (set up my regular mail to forward a copy of everything to treo@domain) so those to whom I respond see my regular address. Test sends to some of my other POP3 address proves that the treo@ address is being sent. Is this a bug, or is the setup a two part deal and I only got one part?

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    The address you put in the "Email Address" field is the one that your correspondents will see in the ""From" header. If you put a separate address in the "Reply-To" field, then their mailer should direct any responses to that alternate address, but they won't normally see that address unless they reply.

    With the setup you've described, it sounds like you just need to put your regular email address in the "email address" field and leave "reply to" blank.
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    Yep; finally got a reply from Snapper too; same deal. I thought the first one was the address used to access the server. Thanks.

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