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    Hey there, TREO folks...

    So, I've been hearing some reports of problems with the Tiger upgrade and TREO synching, and that has me a little hesitant to upgrade right away. I've got a G4 With 10.3.9 and TWO TREO 600s (my wife and I each have one). We sync our respective TREOS under our respective logins using iSync and the Palm Conduit and all is well. Our TREOS and iCal are *really important* to how we run our lives, so I am hesitant to mess with something that works right now.

    I guess I am looking for some reassurance/guidance as to the proecss. I gather that Apple has eliminated the need for a new "Palm Conduit" under iSync, right? There's just a menu item to select? If anybody has done this upgrade with a G4 and especially TWO Treos and iSync/iCal, then I'd love to hear from you -- either that it went smoothly, or what problems you ran into.

    I'm excited about the possibility of Tiger's new features, but I'm trying to be prudent and cautious and not just rush blindly into the upgrade.

    So, any feedback/experience that you can pass along would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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    Good thinking.

    I installed Tiger. No problems syncing (one Treo/one PowerBook).

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