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    Recently, Sprint changed the way picture mail looks. Since those changes occured, I have been unable to download images onto my device. When I try to "save to phone" I get an error - "There is an error with the file you are attempting to download. Please contact the content provider or try again later." Sprint tech support has been unable to fix the problem thus far. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, has anyone been able to remedy it?

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes. I've been having this problem for about a month. I called them to tell them the problem and they didn't seem to know what was going on until one of the tier 2 reps tried to download a pic to his treo 600 and got the same error. I received a call about a week later from another rep telling me it's a problem with all 600/650 phones (not sure about that) and that they were working on fixing the problem. I haven't heard a thing since.

    Not only am I having problems saving pics to my phone, I also have issues sending them to others. I get errors almost every time I try. Sometimes they go through and sometimes they don't, but I ALWAYS get an error telling me my attempt failed even when the transfer is successful.
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    From the looks of your avatar, it looks like you're using picture mail for the same reason I am. My wife sends pictures of our baby to me quite often, but now if I want them permanently on my phone, I have to jump through a bunch of hoops involving my computer.

    Hopefully, this will get fixed.
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    You are correct. The picture I tried to send earlier was of my son on a swing. I tried to send it to my wife's SPCS phone, but it didn't go through. It's too much of a hassle getting pics from my PC to my 600. I did it before and can't remeber what I did.
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    So is anyone else out there having this problem? Is anyone with a Treo 600 getting Picture Mail to work like it's supposed to?
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    I've had many problems with Sprint's picture mail "service". So much so, I bailed on it and found several other solution possibilities that are much better. For example, when I used to send someone a picture using Sprints' picture mail service, there would be all these Sprint logos and advertisement links for their service. Bogus in my opinion. So I dropped the monthly charge (totaling $60/year charge) and now either use SplashBlog ( or simply snap a picture and email directly via Snappermail or Acid-Image Pro.

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