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    Recently I upgraded my computer from windows millenium to windows XP. After I installed Window XP I tried to remove palm software using the preferred method of Start-Control panel-Add or remove programs. No success occurred with this procedure. Does anyone know another method to remove the software, maybe palmone may have a file that removes their software completely. I know Norton was able to help me with such a problem with their program. Any help would be greatly apreciated being that Palm can't help me or I should say "does not want to help me" and Cingular is useless with this issue.
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    What is the problem you are having that requires the removal of the software? Are you having problem syncing your Treo after the OS upgrade?
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    yes, I can not sync the treo 650 with my computer and figure it would be easier to start over.
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    Can I get any help on this website?

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