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    Reading a couple of reviews on the new Clie, I noticed that it has a modified addressbook that allows posting of images within the entries.

    While searching on Palmgear, I only found one program that does this (Address Album, by the same people who made HandMap). Problem is, this proggy apparently requires OS 3.5 (it's the OS support of 16 level greyscale that's needed, I guess).

    Does anyone know of any other solutions that may allow pictures for address entries that can run on a VDx? Not that the feature is absolutely necessary, but I do keep a 'mini album' of my friends within FireViewer. It'd be nice to have these things linked to their addressbook entries as well.

    Thanks to any that can help.

    -Richard Powell

    "Nice guys may finish last, but you know, the company's much better back here."
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    I just saw this address book hack that might do what you want:

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