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    I am having a problem with TCMP and a few other programs that require alot of memory. When I first started using TCMP, files played flawlessly. I am now getting choppy video with both 0.64 and now 0.65. I think my memory might be doing something else thats slowing down my processor. Other programs (mostly games) are also moving noticably slower. Is there any way to remedy this/find out whats constantly using up RAM or running in the background that I am unaware of?
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    Have you tried a soft reset?

    Sometimes for me that kind of seems to de-frag the memory
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    What firmware on you running on the Treo? There have been multiple discussions about Treo's slowing down after a firmware update.

    A soft reset usually helps, but that get old after having to do it daily!
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    running Sprint 1.08. There must be a better way than a soft reset every time i wanna use TCMP
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    and it was running fine post firmware update. There must be some kind of background app running thats slowing me down.
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    Just because your Treo ran fine post update does not mean that much. Its a "nice to have," but the FW could still be the culprit.

    The problem that we are seeing seems like a memory leak which degrades performance over time.

    I am running 1.15 on a GSM phone and see a slow down about once a day.
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    Well I found an app that seems to fix the issue thanx to Evilghost. PXAcloker allows the Treo to overclock and run a specific app faster (although i really have no idea what overclock means).
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    Yowza. Overclocking means running the CPU in your Treo at a higher (and hotter) rate than what is was designed to do.

    No way would I over clock my $500 baby.

    What apps are you overclocking? If i understand what you are saying than I think you are masking the problem instead of getting to the root cause.
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    I have a thread around here that linked bad video performance to previously running BackupMan. Any chance you use BackupMan? It seems to do something to the memory (fragment maybe?) that causes the video to stutter with TCMP and causes buffer errors with Mmplayer. Do a search for "bad video performance" if this sounds at all like your problem.
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    I've noticed the same slow-down lately... It's real evident running games like Zap that take a good deal of CPU muscle. Zap used to be run totally smoothly in the past, but now it's very choppy and slow. And... soft Resets don't correct anything.
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    I use BackupBuddyVFS. So something else beside BackupMan is the cause of my slow performance.

    Next step for me is to manually reload all my applications instead of doing a restore. I hope to see a new version of FW before doing this. I will wait until the end of the week.
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