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    I have had my Sprint Treo 650 for exactly 1 month today. Considering everything I had read, I was lucky to get a good one. No "p" key issues, no lockups or resets, no creaking, everything was fine.

    Today, out of the clear blue sky, my 5 way wont go left! It was working yesterday, this morning, nothing.

    No new apps were installed, I didn't drop it, it was just sitting on my desk.

    Not sure how to fix it, I tried multiple soft resets, removing and reinserting the SD card, taking a call, doing a hot sync, everything. Still no left!

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    The only thing I did before discovering the problem is make a call, during which an SMS came in. Could that have messed up my Treo somehow, or is this a hardware problem for sure?

    I dread going into the Sprint store, since I know I'm going to get a refurb(which stings even more since I barely had my new one), and who knows what I'll be in for then....
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    Neither could Derek Zoolander, but he eventually learned to turn to the left. Sorry, I couldn't resist after seeing the topic.

    I have no idea as to why this would be happening unless the 5-way is failing, and then it sounds like a candidate for a return. Have you tried a hard reset, just to make sure that something didn't get corrupted?

    Do you have the insurance?
    I'm back!
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    refurbs are ok, as good as new ones, perhaps even better, because they're tested once more ... no worries
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    How bout a hard reset (followed by application re-installs)?

    No worse than getting a phone replacement ...
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    Ok, tried the Hard reset.

    No change!

    After playing around a little more, I found that my "o" key no longer works, and neither does the blue shift key(the one used for letters and symbols).

    What the hell happened to my treo? It was completely fine yesterday!
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    Definately time to take it back. Doesn't sound like a software issue to me at all.

    Sometimes they just stop working...nothing you did or happened...but sometimes they just don't work. Take it back.

    As said before, there isn't anything wrong with a refurb. They are just as good as new.
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    Ok, just got back from the Sprint Store.

    They Actually did switch out my phone......but not for a refurb.

    They gave me a phone that somebody had returned within the 14-day limit.

    Not sure if that's "better" but at least I got it immediately.

    ##377 shows no system error logs.

    ##786 shows 193 minutes, no refurb.

    Screen looks to be in good condition(hard to tell in-store).

    Only thing is that it is loaded with the 1.03 firmware(hope it was returned for non-hardware issues!).

    We'll see....

    Thanks for all responses.

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