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    I'm in my second week of Treo 600 ownership and I have a serious problem. I hot sync'd yesterday and left it plugged in for a few hours. Then I went out to dinner with some friends and noticed that my treo had not charged during any of the time it was plugged in. I thought maybe the cat unplugged the AC adapter from the wall (she loves cords) but when I got home and checked it myself, it was plugged in fine.

    When I plug in the charger to the treo, absolutely nothing happens...and it was fine the day before! I called T-mobile tech support and they told me to do a hard reset and that would fix the problem. So I made sure I back everything up and did it...but it did not solve the problem at all.

    Has anyone else had this problem? What do you recommend? Thanks so much!

    - Brad
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    I'd say the best case scenerio is your charger is broken. Do you have another charger you can test it with?

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