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    I am using Butler 2.86 and have it set so that the LED is off unless there is an alert, in which case it blinks rapidly until the alert is acknowledged. However, Verichat seems to override this and if Verichat produces an alert, it starts the standard slow blink (Sprint network blink). Any ideas on how to have Butler control the Vericaht alert ?
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    I've noticed this as well. Love to have Verichat or Butler fix this. I love them both - just wished they worked better together...
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    I have noticed similar symptoms as well. For me, the absolute most important thing is that the LED turns red when an alert comes in (missed call, voicemail, emailÖ.) and Butler does this. I can deal with the LED going off by its self or whatever else it decides to do but it is annoying. I posted a thread on Butlerís forum and was told basically that Butler has no such issues. My sonís 650 acts the exact same way so I know itís not just my 650. On the 600, Butler was flawless.


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    Let me add my "me too". Treo 650 with Butler and Verichat.

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