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    Hi All,

    i'm currently upgrading from a Treo 600 to a 650 ;-) Is there any way to connect the Treo 650 to my local LAN via Bluetooth ? What i would like to archive is to synchronize the 650 with a HORDE application server which is accessible via HTTP. I'm simply interested in enabling the Treo to access the web server via Bluetooth. The sync process is another thing which i will figure out afterwards.

    Thanks in advance

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    No ideas ? If that doesn't work are there any other possibilites except using WI-FI ?

    Thanks, Martin
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    Sounds good. Will try it. Thanks!
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    check out this post:

    it helped me set up reverese dun to computer (i surf the internet connected from thebt adapter on my computer)
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    I use this all of the time. I also have the Belkin bluetooth LAN access point in my house which I use for network access in the home. The belkin AP isn't very fast, though... not even close to the 768kbps they claim (closer to 250kbps.) but it's nontheless an access point.
    Doing LAN access through my PC is much faster and I have a 100meter bluetooth adapter that has awesome range and speed.
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