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    I was looking to get a BT handsfree kit (don't know which yet, price isn't an issue really) for my car and my Treo650. The only problem is my car ... it's a 2003 Mustang Cobra and due to the fact that I've modified it quite heavily it's pretty loud. In this instance, I wonder if anyone else has tried to put a handsfree kit into a musclecar / truck running dumps or an offroad x or anything of that sort (I have long tube headers as well, argh) and if it sounded all right to them?

    (I have the Scala BT headset and it seems to work pretty well so I'm hoping that other solutions might also).

    Thx, and sorry for an odd post.

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    Oh forget the technical non-sense for now...just post pictures of the car man!
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    hehehe, I don't have ALOT online -- but our websites 'garage' has a couple, plus we have vids of it on there too if you look in the events area.


    anyone else that has BT in their car have any thoughts on my dilemma?
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    I have the yellow MINI, and added a few noisy things to it, including an intake and exhaust. On the inside, I put Dynamat under the rear seat, under the carpets and in the trunk. In the Cobra, I'd do the doors, foot wells, trunk, etc. You'd dampen vibration and absorb a lot of road and engine noise. Then when you need to talk on the phone just roll up your windows, and everything will be quiet. Oh, one more thing... there are some heat resistant underhood kits that can help reduce engine and intake noise as well as hood paint discoloration, you'd have to look around though to see what works best.
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