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    Read the FAQ and the tutorial.
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    I never used pocket divx encoder till today. I noticed when I made the video that it messed up the output dimensions. It made the ratio 320 x 240, I still like autogk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SEXybeast
    Thank you. Gordian Knot is just what i was needing.
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    Have you tried Pocket DivX Encoder?
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    What are the best dimensions for the Treo 600 to make the movies?
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    I have a t650, but when I used pocketdvd encoder I believe I saw treo 600 settings to be 160 x 112 or so.
    by the way, pocket dvd together with mmplayer is just awesome! watched choice scenes in spiderman 2 and looked superb!
    this will be fantastic on flights - which by the way will for certain turn many an eye!!!
    wow! an mp3 player, movie player, audible player, web, email, phone, pda, gaming device.... etc.
    the treo 650 is absolutely fantastic!!
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    Hello, how are you? I got a Treo 650 and want to watch movie on it. When I go to download the beta player, there are lots of file, can you tell me which file I should download, please help. Thanks
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    Forget MMPlayer, go with TCPMP (The Core Media Player). It can play much higher bitrates (I have one now that is 437kb/sec, 30FPS, 96kHz stereo) with perfect A/V sync. Best of all, it's free (donations are encouraged).
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    Thanks Jagger for the info, I download the zip file and see lots of file in there, do I need to load all of them in my Treo for it to work? Sorry if I sound dump, new at this. Thanks.
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    The additional files are plugins for different file formats. You can install all of them or only the ones you need. Your choice.
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    Thanks, when I convert and put it in the treo, where do I put them? And how do I find the file? I try to do quick install, and I can't find the file after . Thank you for everything.
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    Twilight Zone on my Treo clear and in sync?

    Put the movies on your SD. I made a folder called "Movies" because I am just nuts like that.
    When you go to "open files" in the Media Player, browse to the "movie" folder and select.
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    Am I suppose to add it thru my palm desktop by adding media?
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    Buy an SD Card reader and you can put the files anywhere you want. Mine was $20 at Staples.
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    Thanks everyone for such great support. Wow, I love my Treo now, it does everything I want it to now, I can show off my DVD on my friends now. All it is missing now is Direct TV on it, hahahaha, I can dream, right?
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    I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me figure this out. I have been looking at this forum for a while and have really only gotten bits and pieces of information, but this time I was able to do everything I wanted to.

    I just finished the following with Ladder 49:

    1. DVD Decrypter - copied main movie to harddrive
    2. Pocket Divx Encoder - Converted movie to work on a Tungsten T3(evne though I have a Treo 650)
    4. Card Export - Moved the .avi file to my SD card
    3. Installed the MPEG-4 & MP3 plugins for TCPMP & the player ( I actually installed all of the plug-ins)

    Watched Ladder 49. The converted fill was only 194M for a 1:55 minute movie.

    Now if I could only get someone to walk me through the process of recording from my ATI All-In-Wonder Pro card and doing the same with TV shows.

    Thanks again!!!!
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    Does anyone know how to use the bluetooth headset to listen to while we watch a movie, thanks
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    Does anyone have any problem with the sreen not going on standby after we watch a movie, have to do a soft reset.
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    Anyone have this problem? When I convert file from pocketDVIXEncoder and try to cut the clip, but the clip is not the one I clip, for some reason it jump to a different clip, please help. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevntw
    Does anyone know how to use the bluetooth headset to listen to while we watch a movie, thanks
    Can't be done... that would require bluetooth 1.2 and Treo is only bluetooth 1.1.

    If you don't mind things attached to your Treo, you can get a doggle to convert the Treo headset port into bluetooth 1.2
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