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    I am using GSM unlocked with new 1.23 beta rom installed. I often use Blazer. usually after one day use, Blazer tells me ''There is not enough memory''. (Funny, I've 6.4 mb free ram left). So I have to reset to ''free memory''
    I notice an opition in iSilo called ''System Information''. It show my free DB Cache left. When the cache goes down from original 5xxx kb to 1xxx kb, Blazer will show that stupid message.
    Cleaning Blazer's cache isn't help. Only way is to soft-reset.

    Do you meet this problem?

    It looks like a problem of Blazer itself. It won't erase the System DB cache.
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    Any here is another problem may be caused by Lack of System DB Cache.
    Actions become slow like frozen on GSM 1.23 rom.
    I meet this problem after Blazer says ''No enough memory''
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    This is definitely a blazer problem. I've seen it several times with 1.04 from Cingular.
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    i suffer from this daily.
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    nothing here...memory stays fine.. but then again with all my apps in the phone i have 14.6 - 15MB free (it all depends on whom is reading the amount of free memory left)
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    Do you ever see this problem when you are not running Blazer? About once a day my Treo comes to a crawl. I was not seeing this with the orginzal CNG 1.04 code. It started when I upgraded to 1.23, but still has the problem after downgrading to 1.15.

    It is "fixed" via a soft reset.

    I have heard from other Treo users running 1.23 that they are going over a week without any problem. This makes me suspect some 3rd party app in addtion to the FW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregorypierce
    This is definitely a blazer problem. I've seen it several times with 1.04 from Cingular.
    It's not a blazer problem any more than it was a blazer problem on the 600.

    This is a general overall condition of that new crappy memory system... it is time for PalmOne to go back to the old memory system and give us 128k..

    Because they lack direction they will not go back. I predict that somewhere down the road, this will be the ultimately undoing of the Treo & P1.

    Very sad.

    Very stupid.

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