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    I've got a treo650 and some real video files (.rmvb) and an osx machine. Is there any way to view those video's on the treo? I searched around a bit and couldn't find any real player for palmos that would play the video's, nor could I find a osx converter that could turn them into something more palmos palatable.. any help for me?
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    Yeah I have your answer. I had the same problem.
    Go on limewire and download xilisoft and keygen.
    This will convert all mp3's and wma's to the proper .3pg format and dont forget to make the destination file the DCIM folder on your expansion card (SD/mmc)

    This will make it possible to view videos although not in the best resolution but still works.
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    sadly that is a windows only piece of software. For some reason macs just don't seem to have the video conversion software that pc's do. Any other options?
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    Sorry but don't know too much about macs.
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    Get a PC!!
    I know it's not what you want to hear but you'll be much better off in the long run because of all he compatibilty issues that will be solved software and hardware wise.
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    Try ffmpegx

    Mac is superior to windows in many ways, especially video. Pixar is all the evidence you need. Stick with your Mac.

    In any event, if ffmpegx does not work, there probably is another method to getting where you want to go.
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    if I got a windows machine, it'd be running linux. ffmpegx is really cool. Thanks for the pointer! I use it for other converting, but it doesn't support ram. I'm beginning to believe that there is simply no solution for this! Curse real!
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    I haven't tried any of these, but perhaps mencoder and/or Dvision 3.1 will work. You also might be able to accomplish this by installing the QuickTime DivX codec (

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