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    I have a Treo 650, I haven't used VersaMail becasue when I do, it locks up the hotsync process . My computer still says its syncing VersaMail, but my Treo says its syncing "midataidcache" . I don't really care if VersaMail works or not (although it would be nice), but I would like to get e-mail on the road.
    I know lots of people have had problems with VersaMail, I'v looked at other e-mail apps for the Treo, but I wanted to know what you guys recomended.
    So... What do you guys use/recomend?

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    delete mmcache files Mmnotify, mmsend, mmdisconnect using filez or switch to snappermail like I did.
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    I recommend ChatterEmail highly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    I recommend ChatterEmail highly.
    Yes. If you use chatteremail and IMAP, you're always synced.
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    Chattermail is worth it IF your emqil supports NOT ONLY IMAP but also idle IMAP.
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    Versamail is the only solution for ActiveSync that I know of however. I usually have to recreate my account about every month, but it works.


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