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    My 650 locks up on rebooting (after installing Verichat today) and is unusable. Does this setup work for any Chatter users?
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    I'm using both with no significant issues.
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    For some reason I have been problems connecting to verichat recently. I don't know it is their server or Chatter is killing the connection. Anybody? Right now it is connecting and disconnecting but earlier it wasn't connecting at all.

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    Chatter doesn't kill anyone's connections...

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    I think it was the Verichat server. Now it is working fine. Sorry Marc, I didn't mean to dog Chatter just trouble shooting.

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    Oh, it's ok. I get blamed for everything...

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    I contacted pdaapps and asked them if there was a problem with their server and they said:
    "Possibly, or related to your carrier's network"
    Seriously, how could you say possible. If there is a problem with their server then the should say that and not blame it on something else. It could not be my connection with Sprint because Chatter, the Web browser and other online apps were working fine and usually VeriChat is the last app to die when there is a low signal.


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