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    Hmmm, ok i got MMplayer, registered it and everything. I cant seem to figure out how to play movies in it. I can play them from my pictures and video selecting my memory card, but cant seem to find them through MMplayer. Any help?

    Sorry if this is stupid!

    Thanks for any help.
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    you need to store them in the root directory of your SD card. Currently they are in the DCIM folder.
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    how do i do that?
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    hmm, anyone?
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    put your sd card in your home pc and just simply drag and drop the files you want to view in the DCIM folder of the same card.
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    Or just use Palm Quick Install and drag the file to the card section.
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    I did drag them to the card section....where do I get a list using MMplayer to see what movies I have on there...I cant seem to find that.
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    ... anyone?
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    I made a folder called "Movies" on my SD card and put the movies in there. I am able to select them from within MMPlayer just fine. You might have to go "up one level" when browsing your SD card to see all your folders/files on your SD card.
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    How do I make folders on the sd card? I dont know how to access it on the computer.
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    how do i get to a browsing window to look for file?..using 2.14. all i see is a blank white screen w/ MM player on top. drop down menu not overly helpful.. mostly about bookmarks
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    Do you see a few dots on top left in that window?
    Click on that and it move you up a level.
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    I think the best MMPlayer help one could get is to get rid of it and install TCPMP instead...

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