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    My Cingular 650 has been acting really strange. I had multiple resets a day and problems with the GPRS connection timing out In Chatter and Blazer.

    I've had it a couple of months, and like a lot of new users had installed apps just to try them out and later deleted them if they didn't suit my needs.

    Finally I just decided to just do a hard reset and re-install the apps that I use. It turned out to be a great idea. My resets seem to be gone, the network connection is more stable, I've gone from 12 to 15.6 M free, and for some reason the speaker has gotten whole a lot louder.

    After I got it all setup the way I'm used to, I did a full backup to SD card with Teal Backup. I'm thinking of doing a hard reset now once a month or so just to clean things out and restoring from that backup.

    Any thoughts ?
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    I had the same problem except the volume which is same as before but after HR no problems at all. Definitely worth to do a HR atleast 1 per month...
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    When I did my hard reset, even though I backed it up with my TealBack up, I lost all the icons I made in Agendus Pro.

    Another hassle is to put activation numbers in most of the programs if not all.

    Any suggestion ?
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    Sounds like TealBackup didn't handle Unsaved Preferences correctly.
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    Isn't a hard reset similar to reformatting or erasing your hard drive? If so, for me, no thanks!! Only if there's absolute emergency will I do that! I think there's a problem with the phone itself or some serious software conflicts, if you have to keep doing that once a month!
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