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    I have noticed that my 650 has a very poor RF reception. The static reception (not moving in the car) is OK but as soon I get into the car then dynamic RF reception problem is really visible. I think Treo has a serious problems when it needs to register to another cell (BTS) as it tries to do it when it is too late (signal drops to zero and after that Treo registers to the new cell). The result is that during my usual 3 hour journey I cannot hear the party on the other end frequently or the phone call drops all the time. I had many phones before (Ericsson/Nokia 6110/6130/6230/...) but I've NEVER had such a serious problems with the reception as Treo has.

    As the phone it is a piece of crap so I am thinking going back to my N6230 even I LOVE Treo as a PDA... :-(((
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