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    Anyone know of any great price deals on a 1 or 2 gb card? I just want it to store music for use with pTunes?

    Thanks in advance.
    Dennis G. Esler
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    For good deals, I normally follow actually where i first learned of a cheap 650....

    They recently, of course the one day i dont check them, had a 1gb sandisk through dell for 29.95 price error that dell honored. I have seen 66x high speed cards for 59.99 after mail in rebate... I myself just recently bought 2 256mb kingston cards for $8 a piece. They have a 1gb now for 65... but i still thini the deal for the 66x highspeed sd card is available if you search the forums at
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    I got my 2 GB from
    I was very pleased with the service. Very rapid. I think it ran around $200 at the time, I'm not sure what it is now. If you watch alot of movies on your treo, have alot of maps (mapopolis), MP#'s, etc., I would go with the 2gigs. If you can afford it.

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