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    Quote Originally Posted by iamjocanadian
    Question on Keycaps650. Im sure either Insertion or Evil will have an answer. Although I have disabled keycaps in Phone App, many times it will still try to Cap when I hold down a key for speed dial or favorite. When I go into Keycaps, the disable box is still checked. Uncheck then recheck and I'm fine. What is this problem???
    This happens when you "arrive" at the phone app incidentally ie. answering an incoming call, and then just leaving it in the phone app. If you "go" to the phone app on purpose then it is disabled. That is what happens when you go to the KeyCaps to check and then back to the phone app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillin_
    It is 30 days (I just checked the developers site), however I have been using it for well over 30 days and it continues to work perfectly.

    I have never gone 30 days without a Hard Reset, maybe the 30 day countdown is in unsaved prefs or some other file that does not get synced?

    I am just guessing, but bottom line it is still working well beyond 30 days
    I'm tellin ya... it doesn't. I had the demo installed and it did eventually did cease to function properly until I registered it.

    And if you can't go more than 30 days w/o a hard reset... DUDE... I haven't done a hard reset in months now
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    For me, in addition to many of the excellent recommendations here, I need:

    ptelnet - looks like I might have a slightly older version - mine says 0.6 - and quite honestly, it used to reset my T600, but has been rock solid on T650 - perhaps that's the change with 0.61


    It wasn't as useful on my T600 with the lower resolution, but in a real emergency could at least get the job done from wherever I was - however on the T650 it's quite nice. Got an SMS just as we were walking into a restaurant for Mother's Day lunch that one of my mail servers was acting up, and had it fixed before the waitress got back with the drink orders <g>.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillin_
    Although I should add, Developers deserve to be paid for their work, and in this case I would say it is worth the money. I am not trying to recommend ways to screw the developers, I am just letting you know what worked for me. What you choose to do is up to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50
    you covered most of the free ones that I have on there now, except shadowmite's patch for the call log (adds call duration). I know it isnt an app, but it is priceless (considering its free, thats saying a lot!)!
    Where can one find Shadowmite's patch?
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    How about Too easy I know.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhpt
    Where can one find Shadowmite's patch?
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    Go to, click downloads, type "call duration" in the search bar, and voila, freeware. It works great!!!
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    Is there a free app to 'turn off the screen while on the phone?' Haven't found one since Mark (Chatter) took his down?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treosixoo
    Is there a free app to 'turn off the screen while on the phone?' Haven't found one since Mark (Chatter) took his down?


    sorry this isnt free, i should have read your post more clearly instead of skimming. Sorry
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    With regards to the Call Duration patch, I'm wondering if this applicable to the VZW Treo 650? Although I can only see the number/contact and the time in the log, if I click on any of them, I ca see the duration. Before I take any risks, what exact does this patch do and is it OK for the 650?

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    #1 on my list has now moved to dbCache, if you dont' know what it is be sure to read-up on

    Simply put, it has made my Treo 650 rock-solid. No reboots in at least 8+ days.
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    Well, I installed Call Duration patch and as quickly greeted with a reboot. After the reboot, I now see a series of square boxes in the header tab area of the contact app and a Key icon. Lovely.
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