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    Help!! I just bought my treo 650 and try to use my Matrix SIM Card by satelindo but on the phone it shows that I am on "IND INDOSAT" network. why can't it detect satelindo? am I going to be charged roaming all the time?? Also I tried to check the network setting for my GPRS but it had already been set to IM3 Setting. This is weird since I have a matrix (satelindo) card. Now I cannot access my GPRS anymore cause it keeps on cancelling everytime it tries to connect to the internet. I have no problem when I used my card with my previous phone (Sony Ericsson P910i). Can anyone help me on this please??? I appreciate any help since the satelindo people could not offer much help. They don't even know what Treo is. so sad.....
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    Satelindo and IM3 have merged into one single network under Indosat, so you will have IND Indosat show up in the phone.

    PalmOne in their infinete wisdom have set the Treo-650 to IM3 by default, so you have to set the GPRS manually.

    Here is how you do it:

    Go to Preferences -> Network -> Menu -> service and set NEW.
    Fill in the following:

    Services: Satelindo GPRS
    Connection: GPRS
    Username: Give it one space
    Password: Give it one space

    Then go to Details:
    Fallback: None

    Then go to Advanced setting
    IP Address: choose automatic.
    Choose Querry DNS

    Ok all and try to connect.
    If you are unable to connect, try soft reset and then try to connect again.

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