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    I have an unlocked GSM Treo650.
    I inserted my SIM card, three network service accounts appeared on my Treo, and sadly they are locked (can't delete or modify them), I get this message: "This network service has been pre-installed by your mobile service provider, and cannot be deleted" .
    My problem is that my service provider set the WAP account as the default, so basically I can't use blazer.
    I added a working internet account which works with Versamail but blazer automatically disconnects it and dials the stupid WAP account.
    My provider don't understand the problem.
    Any chance that any of you experts know how to delete or modify locked networking services accounts? I would really appreciate it.

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    Can't you just copy or add a new one, the one that's shown on the Network page is the default one used, I've edited/added them with no problem on my locked Cingular, it lets me pick which one I want to default. Since I got a BlueTooth USB adaptor, I leave my default on the BT connection all the time and network it for free.

    It's possible your SIM provider doesn't allow that to happen, but maybe you're not setting the Network profile page to the one you want to default.
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    Thanks Khay...
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    Is there any way to remove a service? My treo lost its saves preferences once, the 3 default services after the restore appeared twice! Happened again today - lost saved preferences, restored, now the 3 default services appear thrice! help!
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