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    Anyone have the setting for this? Can not get my laptop to connect using USB cable.
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    I have a prolbem connecting over USB too. It works great over Bluetooth, but when I attempt to use USB I get some error trying to connect to the internet. The laptop and the phone do seem to establish a connection but I get various error messages when establishing the connection over the air.

    I've written to Junefabric about this with the specific error messages, but they've not provided any help. They're last message was to just keep using Bluetooth since it was more conveninet anyhow.

    I do like using BT, but I don't like their attitude about fixing the problem.
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    I am running PDAnet 3.2 over USB. It works fine. Are you using the latest release.

    Too bad about the response form Junefabric. This is an expensive piece of SW and should come with decent customer support.
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    I'm using both PDAreach and PDAnet; love them both - they are great programs. However, they are also very expensive programs and if that is the level of support they are offering for that price point, they deserve the bad reputation they are being to sow for themselves - Boo - Hiss!!
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    I agree with their support being poor. I bought PDANet 3.2 and its been working via USB during the trial period. Before the trial expired, I decided to buy the software. The key they sent me doesn't allow me to register the software - a copy a paste into PDANet from their email so I know I didn't fat finger anything. I've emailed them several times and still have not received a response to clear up the problem. Its really fustrating because their doesn't seem to be any way to contact them other than email. Anyone else have any registration problems or a phone number for June Fabrics?
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    Have you downloaded the app that resides on your PC called PDAdesktop? You need that along with the PRC on your Treo. I have been running 3.2 both with bluetooth and USB since it came out.
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