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    I think that a few talented people working together as a team in a forum with no distractions can make faster progress than individuals posting and jousting in an open forum.

    I've already started a private web site and posted what I know. If you'd like to join, PM me with an example of something original you've learned or written about/for the T650, or point me to your posts (here or elsewhere). Be willing to pull your weight and share fully what you know.

    If we all do the same, I think the results will be surprising.

    When we achieve a goal, polish it and get it ready for prime time, then we'll post it for everyone to use.

    Focus will be on GSM T650. First project, easy to use, fully functional wifi drivers that just work.
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    I like the idea (although I think that there very talented people already working on this idea before)...but good luck and keep us posted.
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    Does this still make sense, with the impending release of the Enfora WiFi sled for the 600 and 650 ( Aside from the added bulk and cost of course...
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    An SD card is all that's needed - that sled is just too huge!

    Not to mention it's vaporware so far...
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