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    Hi All,
    I have a problem connecting my Treo 650 to my Emtac bleutooth GPS. Did a search on the net, and it does not seem to be a hardware incompatibility as other users report no problems connecting the Emtac.

    Symptoms: the Treo 650 pairs OK, but connection is lost after 3-10 secs. Then I have to reconnect, and the same thing happens: connection is fine (i.e. satellite data is transferred ok) but lost after a few sec.

    What I did: lots. Deleted the paired device, repaired, etc. In the end I even did a hard reset. No luck.

    Borrowed the Treo 650 of a friend of mine: no problem. Stable connection.

    So, you might say. It has to be a hardware prob. The only thing is, that my Treo has no problems connecting to other BT devices. I have connected succesfully to other Treo's phones, Nokia phones, Palm Tungsten T3, Mac i-book and 2 Windows PC's. So I have this nagging feeling that it can't be hardware and that I am overlooking some setting somewhere.

    Any ideas?

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    I can't offer a solution to you, but I was wondering how the Emtac works with the borrowed 650. I was thinking of buying one this week. Do you need an SD card for the 650, or is there sufficient internal memory.
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    I bought the Ematc and it doesnt work well with my 650. It does a soft reset all the time when loading maps. (all my maps are on SD). Shipped it back today... I may get the Tom Tom bundle instead... read better reviews.
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    With my expereince with the TTN5 bundle I would suggest that you look for another bundle. I actually had 3 different samples of the TTN5 recevier and none would lock on more than 3 birds (while my older Fortuna Clip-On with II chipset under the exact circumstances would have at leat 5 birds within 30 secs). By the time the TTN5 receiver would have a sufficient number of birds locked to satisfy the TTN5 software / Treo 650 requirement, the TTN5 receiver would auto power down (non defeatable).

    I'm going to work with semsons and purchase one of thier TTN5 bundles either with the Globalstat BT-338 or the GPSlim 236 since I really want a SiRF III solution.
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    I also have same (or worse) problems with EMTAC CruxII and 650. Also see

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