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    I was able to pair my Treo 650 and Bluetrek G2 bluetooth headset. It is listed as a trusted device. However, when I activate the headset, no connection with the treo seems to be made although the phone does seem to know there is someone out there as it wakes up automatically when I switch on the Bluetrek.
    Has anyone managed to get these two to work together?
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    They work together after all. I got confused because I am not able to answer a call by pressing the button on the headset, which I thought was a feature that should work...
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    You should be able to, mine answers when I press the button on the G2. You just have to wait until you hear the tone from the headset, which is usally after the first ring.
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    Mine works fine (unlocked GSM). However, I lost it yesterday. :-(

    Time for an hbh-660....
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    Thanks for the answers guys!
    I think there's something wrong with my G2 because it doesn't start ringing until after two rings on the Treo. Also the bluetooth icon isn't replaced by a headset icon.
    Do you know of any way to adjust the number of times the phone rings by the way?
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    Sometimes it will take up to two rings before it will give a tone. No way to adjust how many rings, it's just when it receives the signal from the phone.

    Bluetooth icon does not get replaced, just gets a "box" around it. The speakerphone icon changes to a headset icon.

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