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    My 600 will disconnect with the slightest bump, like placing it on a table. It will also disconnect from the mobile carrier when signal is weak and I must re connect. This just started. I have a slight nick on my sim but the sim works fine in other mobiles. And the nick has been there for over 1 year with no problems. Any others experience this? many thanks.
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    No but one problem might be the battery. I just replaced my battery (purchased a new one with torx screwdriver off ebay for $24) and when I took it apart to replace the battery, the cable connecting the battery to the motherboard was pretty loose.

    When my battery got to a certain charge, I had network search problems, couldnt make calls, couldnt answer calls, etc. This is a pretty common issue in older T600's (search the threads on this).
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    I have the same problem. I received a new 600 under warranty in December and if I place it on a table and am not VERY gentle, it does a soft reset and loses wireless mode. It didn't ever do that on my older 600. Maybe the sim does come loose? It is annoying......
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    I had same problem-mine was caused by loose sim card. I layered several pieces of tape on back of sim card and that fixed it.
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    Thanks to all . I will try several of your suggestions.
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    Tried the tape "trick" and it seems to be working. I have used the 600 as usual and it stays connected!! Fingers crossed. Thanks again to all who replied.

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