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    The SD-method files for 1.21 have been added. See post #1 for the link.
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    Does anyone know where to get the original GSM Unlocked Rom that cames with the treo 650?

    I'm having to much troubles with the 1.21 an 1.23.

    My phone stops responding, does not wake up. But if I call my mobile number, it's still working. I get a call signal. But noyhing happens with the phone.

    To solve this I have to make a complete hard reset.
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    That was FW 1.15, see at post #1. I also had to go back to FW 1.15, had much trouble with syncing the Treo.
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    Working on downloading the sd method.

    takes a while so far,
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    Anybody have the SD-method files for 1.21? Want to go this route to update.
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    Please I need to unblock a Palm Treo 650, then I need the file, help me
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    Quote Originally Posted by cae54 View Post
    Please I need to unblock a Palm Treo 650, then I need the file, help me
    what do you mean "unblock"? If you just want to upgrade to the latest unbranded Palm firmware, all you really need to do is change your "crnm" using RomTool, and then the latest Palm Installer will run. You could also do it command line using RomUpdaterApp.prc...

    lt crnm (to see what you have)
    wt crnm ENA

    DONE! ... way better than a 12-step firmware upgrade dance...

    Regardless, I was recently searching for the 1.23 myself and found it on in "Treo 650 Kit - Dengel Share.exe", google it up.

    If you want to unlock GSM to use another carrier SIM card though, this will not help and is not related, you need the MSL code from the carrier. I called just called Cingular and asked for it... took me less than 2 minutes - rep was very helpful.

    good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetkins View Post
    OK, I've put the various GSM firmware updaters on my personal server. I had planned on putting them on my ISP's web server, but those lamers only give me 10MB of web space!

    So, the site URL is The individual files are and

    After the massive bandwidth suckage that I was subject to when I first posted the 1.23 update on my web site, I have opted to serve them up via anonymous FTP rather than HTTP, so I can throttle the number and speed of the downloads and thus retain some bandwidth for myself (and the wife. Gotta keeep her happy!)

    While the download speed won't be particularly great, I plan on keeping this repository up indefinitely, unless Palm informs me that they would like it taken down, so feel free to come back as often as you like if you have trouble connecting or completing a download.

    Please note that I'm sinply hosting these files to provide a single repository where they can be found. I have not used all of them, and I cannot tell you if they will work for you.

    If you have questions about how to install them, or even whether you should, please ask them in one of the many existing threads that discuss these updates. I'll answer questions relating to the repository site only, in this thread. Thank you.
    ftp ......... now requires username and password ............. please upload from other source or how can i enter by username / pass ?? i need the file
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