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    Hi everyone, I am an ex-Treo 600 user and a new Treo 650 user. I have a few questions that I couldnt find answers to doing searches so I thought maybe someone can shed some light to my concerns.

    1. Is it normal that when you select a phone # from your contacts or try to dial your voicemail, it takes like 3 seconds to actually start dialing? I remember the Treo 600 would dial instantly, but the 650 has a 3-5 second delay.

    2. I use Mapopolis and the GPS mouse and notice that while driving, the keyboard light never goes out. How can I have the kb light go out after like 1 minute of non keyboard use?

    3. My software version is Treo650-1.03-SPCS. I know it's probably an older firmware/software version. Is there any benefit from upgrading if everything other than the 2 things I mentioned above are working well for me?

    Other than those 2 things, I LOVE the Treo 650. A much more enjoyable pda/phone. I appreciate the responses. Thanks for the input.
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    1. This is a pretty well known issue with no fixes or workarounds, even with firmware upgrades (c'mon, I betcha could have found this thru a search )
    2. There are third party programs to help with this - kblightsoff or something like that might be one
    3. I do not think the firmware upgrade helps with the above 2 items. The firmware upgrade does a few things, but the most important is fixing the memory blocksize issue that will free up quite a bit of RAM. So, if you're getting low on RAM, consider the upgrade!

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