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    (maybe this could be a sticky?)


    I'm in the process of transferring my files from the Treo 600 to the Treo 650. Yeah, I know, one app at a time!

    But it's not just that, though: I don't know if it's just me, but I'm finding transfering data/apps is much more complicated than I thought it would be in theory or "on paper."

    I was planning on getting the NeatFreak pack installer/unistaller program...
    ...for the T650 first, but wondering if I should also use it for the the T600. Is there a thing on the program(s) that make it easy to install apps and files from one Palm device to another?... I sure hope so!

    Back on subject, doing a PIM data T600 to T650 transfer via a fresh hotsynch should be a snap, and I'm not too concerned about that. Though I'm thinking if I transfer the apps and programs first (thereby clearing out my T600 with only the PIM data remaining) then save the the PIM synch stuff for last, that wouldn't corrupt the Treo 650 as much.

    Here's what I'm finding out thus far:

    You could either (1) beam programs from T600 to T650, (2) copy programs to a SD card from T600 then re-save to T650 via the card, (3) do a fresh/clean intsll hot synch (trying to avoid), (4) use Palm Quick Install/Palm desktop synch from Hard Drive to SD card, or (5) save computer files/apps directly to a SD card reader, then transfer those files/apps to a T650 via that same SD card!

    And then there's the issue of upgrading the programs (like Docs to Go) that are compatible with the T650 (i.e version 7.05), saving/downloading them to your Treo 600 first, THEN transferring them to the T650! The problem is, not every solution works the same way. Examples:

    when I saved Handmark Express from my T600 to a 512MB SD card, the card didn't reconginze the app, even when it was still in the T600! I had to do a re-synch of the .prc file to my T600 before it would recoginize Express again!

    Though I could copy or move the mVoice app from my T600 to a SD card, I could not do the same with its (sound) .wav files. In fact, it seems the only way to transfer the files is to beam them to another Treo, but I can only save them on the Treo RAM, not a SD card! Which pretty much defeats the purpose! Is there something I'm not doing right?! When I synched the Treo 600 to my computer, the wav files should have been copied over, but I could not find them, even with a Windows desktop/computer search.

    Sidebar: Thankfully, I don't have any music files to switch/beam over, but maybe someone here in the TC forums do...

    Simialrly, I'm thinking the same thing would happen with Documents to go files (word, excell, power point) after making sure you have a compatible Treo 650 version of the SW. I think that maybe you couldn't save the files to a SD card, but that you would have to synch it via a computer first. I sure hope not!

    Haven't begin to think about that process! What would be the best way to transfer that program (and e-mails) from a T600 to T650, without synching? Or is that the only way?

    I could go on, but you get the idea. Anybody here have similar questions?

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    As a general rule of thumb, you should just reinstall the apps on the 650, not transfer them. Even assuming you have the "latest" version of the app, a clean install will save you a lot of grief. Just my $.02.
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    Thanks! Check out my reason for my query in the first place. I'm one of those "lose the laptop" people!
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    Almost forgot: is there a way to load the apps cold on the T650 without worrying about a Palm synch/user ID (Before synching PIM data)? I reckon that some software apps request such info before one buys software, but in other cases that may not be an issue...

    Getting back to my original thought: in theory, it seems safer to re-load apps one on a time BEFORE a T650 PIM synch (with that same User ID in place). I was planning to do a final PIM synch with my T600 without any apps (as not to corrupt the virgin T650) on it at all, thereby making the clean/new T650 PIM synch a walk in the park, metaphorically speaking.

    Hope that made sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    As a general rule of thumb, you should just reinstall the apps on the 650, not transfer them. Even assuming you have the "latest" version of the app, a clean install will save you a lot of grief. Just my $.02.
    Got it. I still would do a clean install, assuming you at least have the registration numbers for the purchased apps. You can redownload them from the vendors website, or a host of other sites. The data for the apps can be copied over if you were able to retrieve it from the hard drive.

    Since that happened to me once many years ago, I am very crazy about this stuff. I have 2 laptops, identical mirror images of one another. I do a full backup/restore once a month to keep the data synced (takes all of 5 minutes, as it only restores the changes). I also have a file server AND an external network attached hard drive where I keep all the app source files, and I have all my registration IDs saved in an eWallet file with copies on my Treo and my 2 laptops. Since then I have had my laptop die twice, but recovered nicely.

    Yes, I need professional help (and not of the technical kind )

    As I think about this some more, you will need to use the new version of the PalmDesktop with your 650 (the one that came in the 650CD). I assume that will work with the 600 as well. I do not know if there are any files on the 600 that when transferred to the 650 will cause a conflict - all i have read from people trying to do a "transfer" from a 600 to a 650 is bad news. Let us know how it works out for you. Good luck!!!
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    I've been so busy today (job, Mother's Day coming up), that I haven't had time to port data to my T650..yet.

    +++My new (new to me) original idea/brainstorm (at work) I thought of earlier today was to make a copy of my Handspring folder (with all my .prc files and pim data), rename it the Treo650 folder, save the files I would need and delete the programs that would cause any conflicts to my T650. Then to a resinatll of the palmdesktop software. In some ways, though it sounds like too much work. I thought, is there an easier/cleaner way to do this?


    It's a good thing I haven't worked on it yet, as I've been trolling on TC here on a late night binge to see if I can find a simple solution to my T600 to T650 data/pim transfer solution.

    After I got home from work, had dinner, read the paper, relaxed, got on my my mom's computer and discovered a TC post that had a link to another link about his great app called Resco Explorer. Version 2.5 was released just recently.

    I figure if I load and install this app on both my T600 and T650's RAM, I can easily transfer data and files...and PIM data??!! I think Resco would be great for apps with multiple file extensions like SnapperMail, Handmark Pocket Express and mVoice.

    Check out this mini review from

    I wonder how Resco Explorer compares to the NeatFreak installer/unistaller program...

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    I appreciate you desire to ditch the notebook, but I can't help but thinking you're creating a ton of extra work, and potential problems, for yourself. Sure, there are a lot of simple .prc's that will just transfer over as an email attachment (but you still need to send the email from somewhere) and install. And some apps you may be able to beam over from your 600, and then re-apply the registration code. You can install hand-zipper, or a similar program, so that you can download zip files from the web, unzip them on your Treo, and install them (as long as the install is a .prc). But there are a lot of apps, in particular the more complex ones, that I think you're going to have a hard time handling without a computer of some sort.

    I guess something like Resco might be worth a try. I have no experience with it. But given the number of problems people encountered try to move from the 600 to the 650 without doing clean installs, I'd be leary. Will Resco correctly update the saved_preferences file? I don't know. But if you're going to go this route, the first things I'd install is an uninstaller and a good backup utility. (I use BackupBuddy VFS Pro).

    I'd look for a family member, friend or co-worker whose computer you can use for doing installs.
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    Very good points. I guess I'm ahead of the times! Can't wait to see what technology the Life Drive has and how easy(?) it will be to update/synch data and apps for future versions of that model.

    That said, I'll do things the old fashioned way, starting with a clean install!
    I'll keep everyone posted here on my results!
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    So when we're talking about a clean install, are we talking extra clean? As in , remove all PalmOne Desktop/Hotsync SW from your HD and then install those fresh from the new CD?

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