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    I ripped and recoded a Seinfeld episode (from dvd using Super DVD Ripper and DVD Decrypter) to .avi. When I play the .avi file on my PC it's perfect, but when I watch in on my 650 there are glitches both in video and audio (I use TCPMP).

    I'm quite sure that I'm doing something wrong in the process... But what? THAT is the question...

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    That is interesting, the same thing happened to me. I bought the boxed set Seinfelds, used Pocket DVD to rip it to avi, played it on MM player and the video is choppy and the sound is off. All of the movies I have done have been great, same programs, same settings (Ice Age, SM II, etc.)

    Think it has to do with being shot straight to video versus the movies being film?

    I dunno
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    "The Seinfeld bug"... It would actually be funny if it wasn't so annoying... I'm going to try another dvd and see what happens...
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    Try making it into a .3gp file format

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