I was searching for a countdown program that would beep ever 30 seconds (or whatever interval I select) so I could flip around every 30 seconds (don't ask). Anyhow... I finally found one.

It's called Palmary Clock


I was using Mega Clock for my stop watch and count down needs, but I didn't like it very much.

I like palmary clock way more! It'll let you chose an MP3 to sound when your countdown timer goes off, too.

I think it has alarms with Mp3's also, but I don't use alarms other than the ones in the calandar. So I haven't tried that part.

Anyway, if you've been using Mega Clock you may want to check out Palmary Clock.

By the way, anyone know of a program that will let you use different Mp3's for different alarms in the calandar program? I'd love to be able to have my voice say, "It's your brother's birthday." That sort of thing. What? I'm a geek.