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    Awhile back, I found that a palm IIIc + GPS was about the same price as a GPS on eBay. I ended up getting a IIIc + GPS + camera as a first-time experiment with palm.

    Well... it was a hit, and I recently got a Treo 600. Then ... related to work, I have an opportunity to get a Treo 650 (in an attempt to run a VoIP phone in addition to a GSM phone).

    Anyways, with the 600, I identified several cable-based GPS units that also offered a car charger for the Treo around the $100 mark. This is a good solution: car charger and GPS for $100.

    It would seem that the GPS options for the 650 are mostly Bluetooth based --- so of course they won't include chargers... but it also appears that the vast majority of the bluetooth GPS units sell in the $300 range ... quite a bit more considering one will also want a car charger.

    So: does anyone know of a 650 cable-based GPS unit (that also might include a car charger)? Do the Bluetooth GPS units look (to software) like the cable based ones (ie: standard GPS language, whatever that is)?

    Also: is anyone using HandMap on the 650?
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    I had a cable based mapopolis setup for the 600. I just ordered a new Y cable from, inatalled mapopolis and everything is now working fine.

    The cable was $19.95...

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    I don't have a 650 yet... However, I do use handmap with a Garmin etrex and I purchased a cable from an outfit in Hong Kong. They were very efficient and provided a cable for a good price. While looking recently at their website, I saw that they had a bluetooth option for $40!!!

    The other cable options that they have are worth a look. is the page for the bluetooth option.

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